With an airstrip that runs parallel to the South China Sea, this coastal town is renown for its rich Melanau culture, and of course its variety of interesting seafood and local delights.


The Melanaus are amongst the earliest inhabitants of Sarawak with a bloodline that traces back to the Brunei Sultanate. Other than their regal ancestry, they are also known for their seafaring skills. Every April, the town takes on a festive atmosphere as the Kaul Festival kicks off with traditional rites and cultural shows, games and foods.


From fireflies that look like fairy lights on a Christmas tree to a perfectly restored traditional Melanau house – Lamin Dana – that offers the quintessential homestay experience. And don’t forget to try out the wide variety of Melanau traditional dishes such as the “umai” – Sarawak’s minced version of the sashimi.

From the sun, wind and food to the cultural experience of a lifetime, Mukah is where you go when you want to soak it all up.