For one to appreciate Sarikei in its full splendour, you must develop a love for all things natural.

You won’t find throbbing discotheques or fancy restaurants here. Neither will you find airport or even traffic choked roads here. Instead you’ll find orchards laden with tropical fruits, vineyards filled with peppercorns, farms rearing deers or ostriches and ponds of freshwater fish and prawns. This is Sarikei and this is the way, visitors love it.

For city slickers who want to have the complete Sarawak experience, Sarikei is one stop that you won’t want to miss. Other than its agrarian and livestock landscapes, Sarikei hosts a delightful homestay programme ala ‘kampung’ (village) style.

From Sarikei, visitors usually take a boat ride out towards Tanjung Manis, where ‘songket’ the ancient art of gold thread weaving is alive and thriving. While there, pick up some delicious smoked prawns that goes perfectly with a pint of bitter.

Though modern amenities are but just a stone’s throw away, Sarikei has been able to retain its rustic charms and is a popular destination with Western tourists yearning to sample the “real thing” while in Sarawak.


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