Sibu, is one of the most unhurried town in Malaysia where time is immaterial and distance is insignificant. This is where you can lose yourself and still feel completely at home.

From winding streets to meandering rivers, Sibu serves up a potpourri of sights, sounds smells and friendly smiles. Recognised by many as a safe and friendly town, it is also often referred to as the exotic food capital of Sarawak. You can find everything from the tried and tested to the unusual but mouthwatering delights. Of course the more adventurous can try the wickedly exotic as Sibu is known for cooking up a culinary storm for its visitors.

You can also take a ride up the Rajang, the third longest navigable river in the world, and enter a surreal world, where nature hugs pockets of human population tightly. The call of the wild echoes hauntingly as you catch glimpses of wildlife amongst the dense rainforest’s foliage.

Whatever your holiday desire is in Borneo’s Central Sarawak, Sibu is your gateway.


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