Sibu Longhouse Adventure

Our 3-day 2-night Sibu longhouse adventure


Unknown to many visitors and even locals, some of the best longhouse experience can be captured just an hour’s ride from Sibu. The Bawang Assan longhouse village boasts of eight different longhouses all within walking distance of each other.

Our three-day two-night Sibu longhouse adventure takes off at Sibu. We’ll get to the bustling wharf where you’ll board a wooden boat bound for Bawang Assan. Once there, your host family welcomes you to their simple but lovely traditional home.

Try your hands at the fast fading ancient art of Iban weaving the much sought after “pua kumbu”. This

is truly a unique activity which is hard to come by in most other longhouses.

Other than pua kumbu weaving, you can also try to weave rattan mats, baskets and even fish nets. Fom shooting with blowpipes to fishing by the river, your hands will be most definitely be as busy as your day is filled with activities.

In the evening, cook up an Iban culinary storm in the kitchen. You’ll be spending a night at the longhouse, so there’s no hurry to go anywhere. Let your foster Iban family spin you tales from ancient times and what each symbol or wildlife mean to the elderly mystics.

This is one of our most popular package for visitors who have little time to spare and yet want a wholistic experience. Though the longhouse’s facade and set up may differ from those longhouses deep (read “usually inaccessible”) in the jungles of Borneo, the Bawang Assan longhouse village offers you the right dose of adventure and culture for a visitor who savours an enjoyable holiday.

On Day 3 your adventure with us ends and we’ll chauffeur you back to Sibu for your onward journey into yet another different adventure.


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